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with better break room services

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Whether your Fresno workplace needs vending machines, micro-markets, pantry service, or office coffee service, we offer the best.

Vending machines in Fresno California

Well-equipped vending

Sophisticated vending machines that accept cash, credit, and mobile payments that automatically trigger a refund if a product doesn’t deliver.

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Micro-markets in Fresno California

Stocked micro-markets

A small, self-checkout store open to employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week, full of top-selling food and drink brands.

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Pantry service in Fresno California

Effortless pantry service

Hassle-free solution that brings food and drinks into the company kitchen for Fresno employees while working within your budget.

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Office coffee service in Fresno California

Better quality coffee service

Savor both a range of gourmet coffees and teas along with a dependable service team for coffee brewers and water filtration systems.

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Easy corporate
health & wellnessprograms

Ensure Fresno employees and customers always have access to good and better-for-you options in vending machines, micro-markets, and the corporate kitchen. We have hundreds of products that meet our well-respected Choice Plus program so there’s always plenty of variety for every location. Items are labeled so it is easy to identify the healthy choices in the break room.

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Impress with the convenience and style of an Avenue C

Unwavering commitment to our Fresno area customers

From the customized break room solutions we install to the continuous training we provide to our dedicated employees, we give our all to deliver the best break room service.

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Individually created solutions

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