Experienced at offering Fresno favorites

Coffee service in  Fresno California

High-quality coffee

From national coffee chains to local roasters, opt for the great tasting coffee that will make your location stand out.

Fresno California coffee services

Modern brewing

Enjoy the great flavor and high volume of traditional pot brewers updated with the latest technology.

Coffee service for Fresno California businesses

Single-cup options

Offer coffee drink variety with a brewer that can make different drinks for each person one cup at a time.

Office coffee service for Fresno California businesses

Break room essentials

Order all the items that go along with a premium coffee service, such as cups, creamers, stirrers, napkins, etc.

Multiple coffee brewing solutions available

We tailor the office coffee service technology to your specific need and workplace type for the best fit.

Coffee for a better world

Coffee can do so much more than deliver an energizing boost. It can encourage the practice of responsible farming techniques that keep the land strong for the future and ensure investment in community infrastructure that raises coffee-growers out of poverty. Choose Fair Trade and sustainable products to ensure with each cup, you are making the world a better place.

Tea service in Fresno California

Fresh and flavorful tea

Imagine the best tea around is available in your Fresno break room,
including green, black, oolong, and more.

Don’t let tea be an afterthought. Give Fresno employees the very best by offering tea varieties that can be consumed throughout the day and bring added health benefits. Canteen of Fresno offers a premium tea service that combines the most popular tea types with delivery and great customer service.

Discover better tea

Rival the Fresno cafe by contacting Canteen of Fresno at (800) 734. 4782 or email us at info@canteenfresno.com.

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