Micro-markets that adapt to
your business

Canteen of Fresno offers the latest micro-market solutions which adapt to your needs. We build compact micro-markets in small break rooms that still deliver fresh food and hundreds of other products to a large number of employees. On the flip side, we can create a micro-market concept ideal for the start-up or small employee count. Take advantage of our subsidy program to elevate the solution into even more of an employee benefit.

Impressive break room upgrade

Checkout the before and after pictures of some of our favorite micro-market installations.

Before having a Fresno California micro-market After having a micro-market in a Fresno California break room

Quick and easy checkout

Intuitive interface makes using the self-checkout kiosk simple for all types of people.

Modern fixtures

Sophisticated looking racks and coolers bring a contemporary look to product dispensing.

Instant inventory

Constant online connection to the kiosk provides product inventory levels automatically.

24/7 surveillance

High-resolution cameras monitor the entire micro-market for complete safety.

Professional break room services

Consult with the Fresno break room professionals, who can deliver a break-room transforming micro-market customized to your business.

Get a micro-market today from Canteen of Fresno at (800) 734. 4782 or email us at info@canteenfresno.com.

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