Snack vending machines in Fresno California

Winning combinations

Canteen of Fresno combines a huge selection of trendy snack items and cutting-edge technology that improves the snack vending experience.

Full customization

Optimize the snack vending machine to include items that will appeal to your corporate message and employee tastes.

Guaranteed delivery

Integrated infrared sensors monitor purchased products, automatically refunding money if items don’t dispense.

Upgraded payments

Purchase a snack even more easily from a vending machine using a mobile wallet or payment app.

Advanced equipment

From connected vending machines to better payment processing, we’ve gone cutting edge.

Now serving the best snacking experience

Healthy. Sweet. Spicy. Salty. We have all the best snacks for your Fresno location.

Get the best snack vending machines in the area from Canteen of Fresno at (800) 734. 4782 or email us at

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