vending service and micro-markets in

office coffee and micro markets in Greater Fresno AreaThe Greater Fresno area deserves a reliable vending service.

For the past 25+ years, Canteen of Fresno has been that company. And we aren’t going anywhere! Local businesses love our top-notch vending machines, free vending machine installation (all of our vending services are free!), and the delicious vending supply products we provide (carbonated beverages, non carbonated beverages, sodas, waters, juices, chips, candy, cookies, crackers, entrees, breakfast foods, healthy grub, and more). It’s time for your Greater Fresno area business to make the switch to Canteen of Fresno, and get the customer service you deserve!

State-of-the-art Vending Equipment

  • Snack Vending Machines
  • Cold Food Vending Machines
  • Hot Food Vending Machines
  • Coffee Vending Machines
  • Coca Cola Vending Machines
  • Pepsi Vending Machines

Types of Vending Services Offered to your Greater Fresno Area Office

  • Full Service Vending and Full Line Vending (We supply the machines, install and stock them)
  • Traditional Vending (Your employees pay full price for products)
  • Subsidized Vending (You pay a portion of the product costs as a benefit for your employees)
  • Free Vending (You pay FULL cost for products and your employees pay nothing)
  • Catering (We can cater any office event with exceptional food selections and affordable cost)

Benefits of Having Vending Machines in the Office

  • Production increase and boost morale
  • Keeping workers on the job
  • A benefit desired by virtually every employee

vending machines and water filtration service in Greater Fresno AreaOffice Coffee and Water Filtration Service

Do your employees love hot beverages (i.e. flavored teas and coffees)? Of course they do! We have an assortment of coffee and teas, and will stock your break room full of them. Our office coffee service is a Greater Fresno area favorite because the drinks taste great, we keep fully stocked shelves (coffee machines, coffee equipment, etc.), and there is no better coffee service around. After one single cup of our beverages, you will know why this single cup coffee system is in such high demand.

Benefits of our Water Filtration Service

  • Replaces tap water with a healthier, tastier beverage.
  • No installation required on your end.
  • We pride ourselves on being the best water service in town. You will most definitely agree!

Get high-quality vending machines and exceptional customer service simply by contacting
Canteen of Fresno; (800) 734-4782 or!